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Dec 19 2014

6’+ Episode 133 is Up!

To quote the description given at the new listing: “It’s time to Jingle the Bells and Deck the Halls as we celebrate the season with festive music from Five-Eaux, Thee Merry Widows, Los Straitjackets, The Gabba Ghouls, Sloppy Seconds and much more. Plus, a very special edition of THE MONSTERMATT MINUTE.” Remember to email 6′+ …

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Dec 12 2014

6’+ Episode 132 is Up!

To quote the description given at the new listing: “If the sight of green and red has you feeling green and seeing red, then you’re in luck – this episode features all the naughty-centric, anti-Holiday attitudes to help you through the end of the season. Monstermatt Patterson returns with the Monstermatt Minute, and we have …

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Dec 10 2014

Martians Kidnap Kids and Santa In Levine’s Fun-Filled Color Film


Filling a need for wholesome children’s films, Joseph E. Levine’s SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS, coming in Eastman Color Saturday to the Leathbridge Theatre, will be a welcome delight to many parents. This Embassy Pictures release will be presented under a special policy of Saturday and Sunday matinee performances only. This unique science-fiction fantasy places …

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Dec 05 2014

6’+ Episode 131 is Up!

To quote the description given at the new listing: “Kick off December with an excursion into the holiday spirit – and what exactly that means. With music from White Blacula, Blase Debris, Cult of the Psychic Fetus and more. Plus, Killer Kuts from Kraig Khaos and announcing the winner of the 6ftplus 2014 Holiday Scarepackage …

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Dec 02 2014

The Ponape Scriptures: My Edition

ponape scriptures 2 close

With all this discussion of tomecraft I thought it would be appropriate to share some of my own efforts. All of these pictures are from a small run of about a dozen copies of the “Ponape Scriptures” that I did around ten years ago. I thought I’d lost all the pictures I’d taken of them, …

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Nov 28 2014

6’+ Episode 130 is Up!

To quote the description given at the new listing: “Some Fridays are more Black than others, so let us celebrate with music from Plan 9, Fifty Foot Combo, The Atomiks, Bad Beers and more. Monstermatt Patterson decides to brave the crowds but can the crowds brave The Monstermatt Minute?!” Remember to email 6′+ (contact at …

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Nov 21 2014

6’+ Episode 129 is Up!

To quote the description given at the new listing: “Join in a FRANKENSTEIN celebration, as we touch upon Mary Shelley’s original creation and the 1931 movie that made Boris Karloff a household name. With music from Hotrod Frankie, The Human Duplicators, diemonsterdie and more – plus, this episode may be green but Monstermatt Patterson is …

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Nov 14 2014

6′+ Episode 128 is Up!

To quote the description given at the new listing: “Like a dense fog, we get lost in the lower frequencies that provides music from The Pits, Guantanamo Baywatch, Pine Box Boys, The VooDuo and more. Plus, it’s time to get lost in the weirdness of the Monstermatt Minute with Monstermatt Patterson.” Remember to email 6′+ …

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Nov 12 2014

“Night of The Living Dead” Stars Home-Grown Talent


Two Pittsburgh-born performers who left home in search of show business careers, returned to Pittsburgh to make their motion picture debut debuts as stars of the Walter Reade Organization’s “The Night of The Living Dead” which opens soon at the Leathbridge Theatre. Duane Jones left Pittsburgh first for college and then to study at New …

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Nov 11 2014

Guest Post: The Soundtrack To Horror


Today, we share another guest post from Kraig Khaos. Kraig has a reoccuring feature on 6ftplus – Killer Kuts from Kraig Khaos – where he shares a song from a vinyl recording. Kraig has a new podcast called Uncommon Interests, where he discusses a wide range of pop culture ranging from the mainstream to deep underground. …

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Nov 07 2014

6′+ Episode 127 is Up!

To quote the description given at the new listing: “The big OG-to-the-odZILLA turns 60 and we celebrate with an episode packed to the brim with Monster Island goodness. Monsters like Shonen Knife, Peelander Z, King Dapper Combo and Monstermatt Patterson, with the Monstermatt Minute, and Kraig Khaos with another installment of Killer Kuts.” Remember to …

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Oct 31 2014

6′+ Episode 126 (The 2014 Halloween Special) is Up!

To quote the description given at the new listing: “Happy Halloween! Something strange is going on with Strange Jason – he’s actually cheery on Halloween! What the GdL16 Intern uncovers is SHOCKING (more shocking than the guest appearance by Bernie Freakshow!) It’s a horrible fate that puts not only the town of Leathbridge, but the …

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Oct 24 2014

6′+ Episode 125 is Up!

To quote the description given at the new listing: “Our yearly fiendish foray into the sinister sounds of the season – Ambient and dark instrumental music that turns the mood evil and spooky. Sneak Previews from Grave Tone Productions, Dead Rose Symphony and Prelude to a Nightmare. Plus, the Monstermatt Minute and much more!” Remember …

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Oct 21 2014

Creepsville ’13

Strange Jason isn’t one to self-promote. That’s why he didn’t make a big deal about Creepsville ’13 here when said album was released last year. As noted in the original press release, the album was created as a tribute to the influential band Forbidden Dimension to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Started in 1988 by Jackson …

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Oct 20 2014

Guest Post: Kraig Khaos Interviews CREEP CREEPERSIN


Creep Creepersin. Musician, writer, filmmaker, podcaster and all around fun loving spooky guy. If you haven’t heard of him, then you’re definitely missing out. Aside from his numerous books and short stories, many of which are in ebook/digital for and can be found on Amazon fairly cheap or even free, Creep has made quite a …

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Oct 18 2014

Video Store Day Is Here!


It’s the third Saturday of October and that means it’s Video Store Day! It’s when we all make an effort to go out and support our (surviving) local video stores. Given the resurgence in the popularity of VHS and all the special offers available at various stores (freebies, discounts, etc.), it’s hard to see why …

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