WeeGee Is Real?

If you watch a lot of Youtube videos, you’re probably already familiar with WeeGee in some way. He’s made cameo appearances in the backgrounds of many a video and has been the villain in countless Youtube Poops. He’s also appeared in numerous images and message board threads. But even if you recognize him, you might not understand exactly who (or what) he really is. It’s all explained here, but I’ll give you a quick summary: Somebody posted the off model art use for Luigi in the PC version of Mario Is Missing! and noted how creepy he looked. A complete mythology developed around “WeeGee,” with tales of unspeakable evil and his ability to turn people into duplicates of himself using green rays shot from his eyes.

Naturally, people picked up on the horror aspect pretty quickly and ran with it. My favorite examples are shown in the following videos, which combine the meme with footage from Ghost Adventures and Grave Encounters:

So if you’re lying in bed awake one night and have the feeling that someone is watching you, just remember that it’s probably WeeGee. Pleasant dreams!

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