Gamera vs. Godzilla

Although the Godzilla fan in me wants to give top billing to the king of the monsters, Gamera is the birthday kaiju and therefore gets the spotlight today. Fan speculation over who would win in a fight between the two giant monsters has been going on for decades and shows no sign of slowing down. Would Gamera’s ability to consume fire work against Godzilla’s atomic breath? If not, would Godzilla be able to injure Gamera if he withdrew into his shell? I also imagine this debate will continue for several decades before we see an official film tackling the matter. So the fans have gone ahead and made their own films on the matter, usually editing together clips from various Godzilla and Gamera films. One of my favorites is one by SolidLastSnake which exclusively uses footage from each monster’s Heisei films:

Fans preferring the Shōwa films should enjoy the following film from pta917:

Now I really wish Toho had actually shown the battle between Godzilla and Kamoebas in Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S rather than showing the aftermath. A little creative editing could have made some great Gamera vs. Godzilla footage (not unlike the trick used to make the fight between Wolverine and the Hulk in the “Marvel: Ultimate Alliance” fan trailer).

Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy (Belated) Birthday Gamera!

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