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Nov 19 2015

Sudden Chillers


One of my most promising new sources of audio horror is Eric D. Cota’s Sudden Chillers. In his role as “The Chiller,” he both knows how to write and tell great original horror fiction. He also knows the importance of mood and instructs his listeners to turn down the lights and turn up the volume …

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Oct 31 2015

Halloween, Kava Kon Style

Some might frown at people carving anything other than a pumpkin to make a Jack O’Lanterns, but I think it’s perfectly acceptable. There are some amazing watermelon carvings out there and the whole carving tradition originally involved turnips. So pineapple Tiki O’Lanterns are fine in my book. Especially when they are accompanied by creepy music …

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Oct 30 2015

Sounds to Scare By: Sinister Sounds


Sinister Sounds Official Site Gothic Nightmares, Sinister Sounds Records 2015 Scott Karan has been very busy since he released Dark Ride back in 2012. 2014 saw the release of his spooky single Happily Ever After, which made excellent use of soft music to create feelings of dread and mystery. That year was also when he …

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Oct 29 2015

Music to Haunt By: The Dark Rift


Music For Haunts Official Site The Dark Rift, Music For Haunts Recordings 2015 Another year has passed and the time has come for a new collection of Chris Thomas’ themes from various haunted attractions around the country. The Dark Rift brings us selections from Evermore Adventure Park, the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride and Albany Haunt …

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Oct 28 2015

Music to Haunt By: Nightmare Chronicles


Michael Hedstrom Official Site Nightmare Chronicles, Hedstorm Productions 2014 I think it’s safe to say I have been waiting for Nightmare Chronicles almost as long as Michael Hedstrom has. It was in the works for years and premise of was just too good to miss out on. An album which explores several different horror concepts …

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Oct 27 2015

Music to Haunt By: The Incredible Dark Carnival

Sam Haynes Official Site The Incredible Dark Carnival, Haunt Music 2015 If you’re like me, the idea of a haunted circus leaves you cold. I’ve had to review albums based on the concept so many times that I am completely out of ideas. But at the same time I can’t blame any artist for choosing …

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Oct 26 2015

Music to Haunt By: Jeannie Novak


Jeannie Novak Official Site Horrorshow: The Complete Collection, Self-release 2013 Jeannie Novak is a woman of many talents. She native writes books, develops video games and is a photographer in addition to her talents as a composer and performer. In fact, she’s been playing since age five and composing since she was twelve years old! …

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Oct 25 2015

Music to Haunt By and Sounds to Scare By: The Return

There’s so much going on in the world of spooky ambient music. Nox Arcana just unleashed Gothic and Darkmood is currently hard at work on When Time Ends (which will feature a more “cinematic” feel). Midnight Syndciate is preparing to release a Christmas album while Grave Tone Productions is also hard at work on new …

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Oct 24 2015

The Pumpkin Dance

You might have already seen the famous video of a man in a pumpkin mask dancing to the theme from Ghostbusters. Perhaps you saw one of the remixes or parodies. If you have not and are wondering just what in the world I am talking about, here’s the infamous video courtesy of KXVO 10:00 News: …

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Oct 23 2015

It Came From Wikipedia VIII

Have you ever wondered why Chris Sarandon’s vampire character in Fright Night is sometimes seen eating apples? It’s because he decided his character liked to cleanse his palate and had some fruit bat DNA! The history of glow sticks is very fascinating. I am surprised how they neglected to mention how unused glow sticks have …

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Oct 22 2015

Still More Vile Verses

**squidbillies joke

Google Books is home to many a public domain poem. The image illustrating this article is from a poem called “Jack-o’-Lantern’s Story” and it is followed by another simply called “Halloween.” Please don’t confuse them with “Jack-O’-Lantern” by John Banister Tabb or “Halloween” by A.T. Frost. I’m also found of “Hallowe’en Happenings,” “A Halloween Memory” …

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Oct 21 2015

Fear For Your Ears VI

Remember Popcorn Horror? It turns out they have a wonderful selection of free horror stories called Campfire Tales. Since I’m promoting audio linked to past articles, those interested in Hammer Chillers can listen to samples at the official Hammer Bandcamp page and H.P. Lovecraft’s The Dunwich Horror can be streamed in full on Spotify! The …

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Oct 20 2015

Oddity Archive: The Sounds of Halloween

One of my favorite web review series is Ben Minnotte’s Oddity Archive. I love his looks at various audio visual oddities and how his theme music sounds like something from a giallo movie. Where else could you learn about failed video formats, obscure broadcasting standards and the like from a guy behind a cardboard box? …

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Oct 19 2015

It Came From Amazon VII

There now exists a book full of VHS box art for cult films and I have never been more excited. The gimmick of making it the size of an old VHS case is nice and all, but I really want a coffee table book version. If that first entry makes little sense to you, I …

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Oct 18 2015

Creepy Cocktails and Devious Drinks III


A mug of hot apple cider is just the thing for a cold autumn night. Thanks to iloveitallofit, you actually have quite the selection of different recipes to choose from! “Spooky Fog Drinks” can be great fun for a party…just as long as you make sure nobody is actually served dry ice in their drinks …

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Oct 17 2015

Freaky Food II


Given all the sugary treats which fill our diets during the Halloween season, it’s nice to throw some nutritious stuff into the mix. So why not try making a tasty “Orange Jack-o-Lantern” from American Cookery Volume 24 for your next dessert or snack? Elyse Salpeter also has a wide selection of healthy Halloween treat suggestions. …

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