Power of the Night

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the film Critters and there is only one way to properly celebrate. So, thanks to
TheSpringwoodSlasher, here is the film’s most famous musical composition:

Back when I first saw the movie, I assumed this was just another example of some indie band teaming up with the makers of a low budget movie. The repeated use of the song in the film was all too easy to attribute to some producer trying to squeeze as much use out of a single licensed track as possible. But had I actually paid attention to the end credits, I would have figured out the lead singer “Johnny Steele” was played by Terrence Mann and that “Power of the Night” was created especially for the film. Sadly, the song was apparently left off the CD version of the film’s soundtrack. But thankfully it was included on the original LP version. Perhaps there’s hope for a new pressing from a specialty label since vinyl has made a comeback. Throw in a free digital download and you’ve got a surefire hit!

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