It’s Women In Horror Recognition Month and I have the perfect video to celebrate! It’s a hilarious Slender Man parody (more specifically, the Slender Man mythos set up in the Marble Hornets web series) which you can watch thanks to Neil Cicierega:

So why is a video about Splendorman that was uploaded by a man perfect for Women In Horror Month? Let’s look at the credits. The film was written and edited by Julie Becker, who also played the titular character and pulled off some sweet moves while wearing stilts. The other two women in the short are Amanda Czerminski and Emmy Cicierega. Yes, that’s the same Emmy Cicierega who worked on Gravity Falls and, yes she did the animated effects in this! You will also see another important aspect of this upload if you look at the comments and related videos: the creepypasta community has adopted Splendorman as a semi-canonical member of the Slender Man family and Splendy has appeared in numerous fan works as a result! Not bad for a character created for a one-off parody.

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