Haunted Attraction Tour Videos

I’ve decided to reboot my “Haunted Attraction Walkthroughs” article series. Why? Because it was an absolute mess. It featured videos of walking by yard haunts and riding through haunted hayrides despite the use of the word “walkthrough” in its name and I was constantly having to replace videos that got taken down. This led to some editions featuring videos of multiple versions of the same haunt and it just made more sense to scrap it and start from scratch. To avoid videos getting taken down (and since it’s the right thing to do), I’m focusing exclusively on videos which have the okay to use the backing music on YouTube (either through direct permission or through a Creative Commons license) and will avoid anything which obviously wasn’t filmed with the approval of the attraction owner.

Sadly it turned out that tracking down this sort of video was a task in and of itself. Some only noted they have approval on their websites and others used original audio but only mentioned it in the comments for a different video. Factor in how most people seem to assume they can just use whatever they want and put it on YouTube and the thorny issue of situations where the attraction owner might not actually have the authority to allow use of music from an attraction on YouTube (despite being allowed to use it in the haunt), and you have the recipe for one giant headache. I even had to use one which doesn’t use any music or prerecorded sound effects at all!

Oh, and it turns out my new standards for selecting resulted in me using videos which feature much more intense content than I’ve used in years past. Please keep in mind that strobes and other flashing lights might be present in the following:

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