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The People Behind VHS Cover Art

The last time I discussed VHS cover art, I had wanted to include a video featuring artwork by a British artist. As I was unable to remember his name, I was unable to find, let alone include, it. Thankfully, diligent searching has paid off and I finally remembered his name: Graham Humphreys. British readers will …

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Even More Cool Cover Art

Like many of you reading this, I love old school VHS cover art. Since I recently found a bumper crop of websites devoted to showcasing 80’s VHS cover art, I just had to share. Although most of these focus solely on horror/sci-fi, a few do feature cover art from other genres: Video Cultures 80’s VHS …

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More Cool Cover Art

While browsing through the recent “Gravedigger’s Local 16 Flashback” entry, I couldn’t help but find myself drawn to the “Cool cover art” entry. Although the website noted in it (Critical Condition Online) is the undisputed king of online VHS cover art collections, I was inspired to see if there were any other sites devoted to …

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Custom Cover Art

Maybe it’s due to the dream I had awhile back about a video store’s VHS clearance sale, but I’ve been thinking about custom cover art for VHS and DVD lately. More specifically, covers created by rental store employees after something happened to the original cover. I’ve only seen this happen a couple of times, with …

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