Nick or Treat!

Hey, remember how Nickelodeon used to do a “Nick or Treat” contest promotion every October? Don’t bother tuning in to relive old memories, as the promotion has been long since abandoned. That is, abandoned as far as television is concerned. Why the change? Follow this link and click on the sound file. Be warned that it’s most unintentionally NSFW (not safe for work) clip to ever be linked to on Gravedigger’s Local 16.

Finished? I can assure you that what you just heard wasn’t altered or edited in any way. It’s just that the speakers’ “New Yawk” accents had a rather unfortunate effect on the pronunciation of “Nick or.” Try saying it to yourself over and over again and you’ll probably make the same slip-up. That said, I can’t blame Nickelodeon for dropping that TV promotion like a bad habit.

UPDATE: Despite the clip mentioning that this occurred during a “Nick or Treat Live” special, I thought it would be a good idea to note that the incident happened on the show U-Pick Live. Which makes sense, as I highly doubt the segment would have been allowed to air had it been taped in advance (and reviewed by editors). The show itself was not canceled over that rather unfortunate slip of the tongue.

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