It Came From Wikipedia VII

It’s hard to say which now-defunct museum sounds more interesting: The Museum of Funeral Customs or Jones’ Fantastic Museum (which had horror author Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire playing a vampire who scared guests).

For years I assumed the “Davy Jones” associated with “Davy Jones’ Locker” was a famous sailor of some sort. It turns out he’s actually a sea monster!

Chris Carter had wanted Carl Kolchak to make an appearance in an episode of The X-Files, but Darren McGavin didn’t want to revisit the character.

The Ring novel series is much more complicated (and bizarre) than its cinematic counterparts.

Stephen King has a surprisingly large amount of unfinished, unpublished or rarely reprinted material in his body of work.

Here are all the notable graduates of “The Corman Film School.”

It’s funny how Cry Baby Lane gained a reputation as a movie so scary it was never shown again just because people couldn’t understand why Nickelodeon felt no need to rebroadcast a disposable TV movie. Now if you want to talk about a banned Nickelodeon Halloween event…

Kurt Vonnegut once wrote an interesting take on the story of Frankenstein called Fortitude. On a related note, there’s a movie about a young girl’s search for Frankenstein’s monster and a musical stage comedy called Frankenstein, or The Vampire’s Victim.

King Kong has had quite the career in comic books, despite the complications with the character’s rights.

Speaking of which, comic books play a large role in the annual Rutland Halloween Parade (and vice versa).

Just like last year, let’s close things with a bunch of lists. This year’s selection includes a list of “Monster of the Week” characters from The X-Files, a list of Halloween TV specials, a list of all The Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” episodes, a list of unusual deaths and a list of vampire traits.

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