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Son of Shameless Cross-Promotion

As was the case last year, our friends at URBMN have put together a humorous article devoted to oddball costumes and masks. I’m bringing this up both to let readers know that “Costume Crazyness” wasn’t a one-off article and that the series is continuing despite URBMN’s shift of focus toward television reviews. Speaking of cross-promotion, …

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Tales of Uncialle

Back when I originally started looking for Halloween stuff online, Uncialle’s Halloween Darksite was one of the first few of my discoveries. I was both intrigued and amazed by her instructions on making a homemade pond monster and mummy and faithfully visited the site every month hoping for new prop instructions. But one day, the …

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Headstone City

http://www.headstonecity.com/gravediggers.html Gravedigger’s Local 552: n. Based in North Carolina, Local 552 was first formed in 1826. Originally consisting of 5 members, the union has reached over 50 members throughout the 19th and 20th century. Gravedigger’s Local 552 is responsible for all graves that are dug in and around Kill Devil Hills. In 1926, Local 552 …

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Don’t discount these deals!

GdL favorite Barrett’s Haunted Mansion is once again offering a discount admission coupon on their official website. However, some restrictions apply (see coupon for details). Visit Borders is the official coupon site of Borders Booksellers. The coupons change regularly, so don’t fret if the coupon you see today doesn’t suit your needs. I was at …

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Home Sweet Home

Sometimes, I just love my town. The Grove Street Cemetery has a wonderful entrance, with the words “The Dead Will Be Raised” carved across the gate. It adds a little spooky to the town, which can be kind of a bore.  Of course, the locals also contribute. This is a husk of bark that bears …

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Mask-Making 101

Ah, latex masks. Halloween and horror movies simply wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t exist. In fact, it was once thought that such masks could replace makeup entirely! But although many of us drool over such masks, sometimes the price of one is scarier than the creature it depicts. So why not make on …

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How to Make a Monster

No, this isn’t a review of the classic AIP film of the same name. Instead, this blog entry is intended to point you in the direction of some handy how-tos in case you need something extra special for your Halloween display, haunted attraction or costume party. The online preview of Dan Reeder’s Papier-Māché Monsters: Turn …

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Linger Longer III: Legion

Depending on your sense of humor, the following is either the greatest or worst Linda Blair interview ever recorded: For those of you that would prefer a horror-related Opie and Anthony video with just a bit more substance: Surprisingly, only the first one is NSFW. And if that “imbalance” bothers you, well, just look through …

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No tricks, just a treat

Back when I reviewed Pieces for GdL, I wasn’t very annoyed with how it was hard to remove the overlapping DVDs from the case since I could just switch them (along with the cover art) over to a new case. Seems kind of odd, right? After all, wouldn’t that mean I’d have to spend extra …

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“Eddie, what kind of movie is this?”

  Got to give it up for capturing a mood. Right from the start, ‘End of the Beginning,’ the newest album from Lugosi’s Morphine sets the tone. ‘The Year Without a Halloween,’ a title invoking the Rankin-Bass specials from a different holiday, perfectly expresses a bad case to any spooky/scary aficionado – horror fatigue. “Not …

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Transylvania TV: ON THE AIR

One of the related YouTube videos to Spook House Dave’s channel led to ‘Transylvania TV’ (or TVTV), a puppet show from Minneapolis. More adult themed in nature (language, content, nothing too graphic) it’s not for kids despite being very similar to your Sesame Street/Muppet fare. They have a DVD of their first season out (as …

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Creepy Cocktails

Since we covered food and non-alcoholic punches last time, I thought it would be a good idea to devote today’s entry to “hard” drinks not suitable for minors. Getting back to Lesley Pratt Bannatyne’s A Halloween How-To: Costumes, Parties, Decorations, and Destinations from yesterday’s entry: Spiked Halloween Punch and Blood-Red Cocktails Spicy Bloody Mary and …

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Ghoulish Gourmet

What to serve at your Halloween party? It’s an age-old question. Although some take the easy way out by stocking up on pizza and chips, a true Halloween lover takes the time and effort to make some specially-made creepy cuisine. Just as we offered up printable Halloween decorations last year, here are some free recipes: …

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Spook House Dave

Puppets. Funny puppets. Or, so I think. Some of the jokes are corny but I like Umberto. Kind of has that ‘Edwardo’ from ‘Foster’s Home’ vibe going on. They’re doing a full 31 Days of these short clips over at ‘Spook House Dave‘ so head over and check them out.

Kagaku no Daikaiju

My Japanese language skills are slim to nonexistent, but the title of today’s entry should roughly translate as “(The) Science of Giant Monsters.” Anyone who’s drooled over imported official guides devoted to Godzilla, Gamera and co. should be familiar with pictures of Japanese movie monsters showing the internal structures of said beasts. Although I can’t …

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Full Moon Direct

Anyone who haunted the horror section of their local video store will no doubt be familiar with Full Moon and their low-budget (but often high fun) films. The following video was posted last year to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary and includes clips from various movies by Full Moon and Full Moon’s predecessor, Empire Pictures. …

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