DEAD (Milkmen)

Correct me if I’m wrong. Not a lot of songs out there for guys named ‘Jason.’ There was the blow-up in the eighties (there’s like, a MILLION of us just walking around) of the name, but it’s not a name to inspire. You have Jason and the Argonauts, Jason Priestley. But there’s the big one, the main man – Mr. Camp Blood himself.

Growing up, it was always ‘Jason,’ not ‘Jason Voorhees.’ Freddy Krueger had the scary-sounding last name. Jason was entitled to the single-word moniker. Don’t know how it happened, but it did for me. Perhaps you got a kick out of going ‘Voooorheeeeees’ but hey, you dig your own grave.

Thankfully, the Dead Milkmen decided to do the un-do-able and write a song about Jason. Could be about me(no), could be about the Camp Crystal Lake legend (yes). It’s a song for Jason everywhere (like Moose, the plural of Jason is like the singular. If someone named Jason Moose RSVPs to a party, you can’t be sure if he is coming by himself or is bringing a guest.)

Off of ‘Not Richard but Dick,” the song ‘Jason’s Head’ is a catchy beat. The bass-line reminds me of ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ by the Cure. Jason vs. Freddy vs. Robert Smith. Coming Summer 2011.

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