October 6, 2009 archive

Well, isn’t this interesting?

Quick bit for today. Haven’t really talked about spooky hip-hop for a reason: outside of maybe a few songs off of one Necro album, there’s very little ‘horrorcore’ that I like. To each their own, right? Seems one zealous fan is accused to chopping four people up into pieces. It’s CNN so the reporting is …

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Grandpa, could you whip me up a blog entry?

Movie reviewer Scott Foy (aka The Foywonder) has posted a clip from the episode of TBS Super Scary Saturday featuring King Kong vs. Godzilla (hosted by “Grandpa” Al Lewis) on his Youtube account: In the above clip, professional wrestling personalities Michael “PS” (“Purely Sexy”) Hayes and Jim Cornette debate which of the monsters they’re representing …

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