Rock The Rondos

Did you vote in the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards yet? Remember, the deadline is April 3rd 2010!

Some of you may be asking: What are the Rondo Awards and who is Rondon Hatton?

Well, it’s like this: The awards themselves were originally started in 2002 by Kerry Gammill and David Colton at the Classic Horror Film Board. Said awards are a reference to horror actor Rondo Hatton and, to quote the Wikipedia entry:

“The award is designed to recognize research, scholarship and creativity in keeping classic horror, science fiction and fantasy alive and thriving.”

Gravedigger’s Local 16 didn’t get on the ballot this year, presumably since we missed the nomination period. But there’s still a lot of other cool people and cool stuff to vote on, so don’t let our absence stop you. We’re gunning for getting nominated and winning next year, but you can do a write-in this year if you really want to. Just keep in mind that doing so will probably only get us noticed rather than winning anything. No matter what, you should head to the Rondo Awards site and vote now!

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