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dugshop: The Audacity of Soap (http://dugshop.etsy.com)

We here at Gravediggers Local 16 emphasize good hygiene. Sure, when handling dirt, worms, possible dead bodies to sell to mad and not-so-mad scientists, it’s easy to forget the smaller points of sanitation. Remember – the Plague can happen to YOU.

So, we’re happy to spotlight dugshop on this week’s Tuesday uEtsy. A fine seller of soaps, dugshop is a bone-a-fied treasure trove of horror and spooky theme sudsy assistants for all your germ-killing needs. And germs are the only things killed by this soap – the company says each product is 100% Vegan, so all you killers with bleeding hearts (or hearts still bleeding) can know that no animal biproducts are used in this soap.

Which is pretty damn amazing since some of it GLOWS IN THE DARK.

Yes, and with pictures! Here we see a famous scene from that mod-tastic, goofy classic ‘Mad Monster Party.’ Perhaps you’ve wanted to shower in the dark for a while, and find that candles don’t really do it and fireflies are hard to keep alive. Surely, there has to be a solution. dugshop offers you that. Your soap glows. Get clean in total darkness by the light of this soap bar, all recounting some of your favorite characters from horror and history.

I mean, who WOULDN’T want to take Leatherface in the shower with them?

Perhaps you enjoy the light on while you lather, rinse and repeat? There are soaps for you.

This really can’t be stressed – dugshop has the neatest soaps for anything. There are spooky themed ones, yeah, but they have ninja stars, alien heads, a multi-layered earth. It’s pretty incredible. If you know of a kid who is at that point where they’re not jaded by life and can get really enthusiastic about taking a bath with some bats (bat-bath!) then you owe it yourself for being a reasonably-good human being to purchase said bat soaps. Or, get them some colored skulls.

If you have someone who you think might appreciate either the subtle hint that they smell or might get a kick out of having an imprinted face of Nosterfatu or Dr. Frank N. Furter rubbed up and down their body, hell, this place is for you. Plus, at their most expensive, it’s seven bucks. that’s a steal.

Look at this. You can have that in your bathroom. Tell us you don’t want that right now so we can call you a liar. Or tell us you don’t want the Tiki soap below so we can call you a Double Dog Liar Pants on Fire.

There’s really not much more to say, is there? dugshop offers homemade, 100% Vegan soaps that look better than most of the furniture in your house. We’re surprised that you even got this far without going over there to make a purchase. Or maybe you have, you multi-tasker. Well, let us know (by dropping a note) the soap you just bought.

And join us again next week for another Tuesday uEtsy.

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    • Emily on June 8, 2010 at 10:20 pm
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    The Leatherface soap may convert me from body wash. That's amazing!

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