Nomination for Official Video

“Greatest” music video – what does this mean? Different people have different tastes so there will never be a consensus on what is the greatest music video.

However, if you’re reading this site, it’s likely you and I have similar tastes So I give you this, a Nomination for the Official Video of Gravedigger’s Local 16: The Ramones, “Substitute.”

Qualifications: This is a video for a song originally done by The Who, covered by The Ramones. The video features Rudy Ray Moore, Lux Interior, LEMMY, Sean Yseult (of White Zombie and the equally awesome Famous Monsters!!), Michael Berryman and a bunch of other people I probably can’t name but are awesome in their own right-oh, and that Pinhead? That specific one in this video was  created/made by Norman “Baron Shivers” Caberera of The Ghastly Ones.

[youtube id=”wIWpfS_MFHw”]

Yes? No? Other Nominations?


  1. I like The Ramones, so I don’t know how I’d never heard this song before! Sure, I think the imagery fits with this blog. The lyrics are kind of creepy in a whole different direction!

  2. Lux alone would make it but all the additional people are great. Plus, Pete Townsend did backing vocals. A great combination of elements.

    I’m sure I’ll end up like the Substitute in the video if I don’t watch my weight.

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