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Music In Costume: The Groovie Ghoulies dress up as The Ramones

I kind of like the cover more than the original. Both are excellent, but the guitar from the Groovie Ghoulies rendition (particularly this one from their ‘Monster Party’ collection) is fast and dirty. Which one do you prefer? VS

Horror Punk From Punks (who aren’t horrorpunk)

Saying The Misfits didn’t invent horror punk is like saying The Beatles* didn’t invent rock and roll. It’s a factual statement, one that elicits a “no, duh” from the crowd but still, when you think of horror punk – POW! The Misfits. *or, fuck. I don’t know. Whoever. In fact, Punk and Horror have go …

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Nomination for Official Video

“Greatest” music video – what does this mean? Different people have different tastes so there will never be a consensus on what is the greatest music video. However, if you’re reading this site, it’s likely you and I have similar tastes So I give you this, a Nomination for the Official Video of Gravedigger’s Local 16: The Ramones, “Substitute.” Qualifications: …

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