Tuesday uEtsy: JM Tolman

Tuesday uEtsy

JM Tolman

ART CARDS No. 20- Slurp II

The hurricane came along and seemed to blow away the last bit of summer ’round these parts. The morning chill is far too deep into September for being a few days left to August. We guess that this year’s weather and disaster is going to be as wild and unpredictable as a feral Hobbs child, one of the distant relations growing up on the far end of the Bus routes.

With most of the students already in the midst of the new school year or on their way back, there’s a bit of shopping going on. While we don’t really advocate getting the essentials of your school supplies off of an individuals crafts site (we don’t think anyone has hand-make a Texas Instruments calculator or a philosophy book, but we wouldn’t surprised.) Instead, we have a site for those extra bits of inches you might need to personalize in preparation for another semester or two.


Monsters Trapped in Resin EARRINGS AND ZINE BUNDLE

J M Tolman’s store offers a variets of accessories for your body and where you store it at night. One of the deals available at this point is the ‘zine and earrings bundle. Not only do you get your choice of earrings from the many available here, you also get a copy of Monsters Trapped In Resin, the ‘zine put out by Tolman.

Mini Painting- Pyschopop

The ‘zine is likely full of all of Tolman’s artwork, which you can see on display with this shop. One of the pieces available is this miniature painting. “Psychopop” can be encouraging you to finish that term paper on time or this beautiful lady will haunt your dreams for the rest of your days. Or it’ll look nice to your computer – whatever! Buy it!

MIND OF OUR MIND 6 x 12.75 in Gouache Painting on Chipboard

For those of you cohabitating with someone else, the suggestion is to try to form a hive mind consciousness in order for you two (or three or four) to live together. On campus or off, sharing a place with someone is a few steps away from hell on earth, but not unless you somehow form a living shared mental connection. You could also create a list of rules and respect for the other, but why bother? You’re just going to end up swallowing the other person’s personality and existing in their body as a sentient extension of your own mental self. Might as well get this JM Tolman picture as a gift for the soon be auxiliary body. It’ll look nice on their/your room.

PSYCHOLINES Magenta and Black Painted Filigree Necklace

You’re going to need a talisman or a pendant or some kind of physical object to focus in all the stress you will invoke this coming semester. Not only is the job market uglier than a Tuscaloosa sewage refinement plant in July, the overtaxed professor has suddenly gone into a hyper-sanity that makes him a volatile sociopath that is just as likely to attack you in the manner of a rabid groundhog as pass your research project. Coupled with the growing devolution of the student body, a coedial regressing back to the primordial horny protoplasm of skin, base alcohol and acidic chemicals, going to school is hell on a brain. Best pick up this psycholines necklace to rub in the twi’ hours of the morn as you make sure every quotation is properly cited.


Or, you can give up the sanity. Pledge the Fraternity of the insane. Live like a hormonally controlled college kid, drinking and screwing your fellow drinking and screwing kids. We’ll need something to identify you since all manner of speech and civility will go out after your third mixer. Best get this painted necklace of a feral vampire. Seems fitting, as you might be sucking a keg dry or sucking face with someone in a secluded spot in the Library before rolling into your Intro to Sociology class. Why bother with trying to fight it? This is what college is about, about digesting as much knowledge and your classmates as possible.

Ah, if only we could go back. Memories.

While we pine back to those days when we were young, time passes by. Hurry up and visit JM Tolman’s etsy store and buy everything you can. Go to school and enjoy what time you have before you’re forced into the rut of adulthood: left with college loans; greater knowledge of both the similar and opposite sex; and a library of books you couldn’t sell back to the Campus Store. Come back next week for college credit (note: you will not get college credit) and another Tuesday uEtsy


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