August 31, 2011 archive

Appointment With Fear

Fans of old time horror radio all know that Suspense is considered as one of “top dogs” of horror radio dramas. What they might not know is how the show has a British counterpart. When I say “counterpart,” I’m not referring to a show with similar stories and popularity; I’m referring to an official adaptation! …

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Freaky Tiki Surf-ari: King Kong vs. Godzilla Soundtrack

Akira Ikufube Official Site (Label) King Kong vs. Godzilla Soundtrack, La-La Land Records 2006 (Original release date: 1962) I know this seems like a bizarre way to close out this year’s Freaky Tiki Surf-ari. Truth be told, even I thought the idea that the King Kong vs. Godzilla soundtrack had anything to do with exotica …

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Dead on the Beat

Since I’m no longer under the legal drinking age limit, I don’t watch MTV anymore. Because of such, I had no idea that the network developed its own take on the “cops v. spooky” fad that’s hitting us soon. I knew about that ‘Teen Wolf’ remake but this ‘Death Valley’ show was under my radar. has …

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