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Anyone who has ever seen Hammer’s When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth has probably wondered by why they stuck in two photographically-enlarged lizards dressed up like dinosaurs in the middle of a film filled with Jim Danforth’s masterful stop-motion animation work. Danforth had actually planned on including two dueling stop-motion allosauruses, but the idea was vetoed by a producer who thought the model dinosaurs resembled gay men in high heels! Short on time and money, the lizard footage was spliced in and the rest is history.

Popular Ultraman foe Baltan is actually a reworking of the “Cicada Man” costume from the series Ultra Q.

It’s pretty well-known in horror fandom that many of the original monster scenes from the Danish film Journey to the Seventh Planet were edited out and replaced for its American release. What you may not know is that Jim Danforth’s original replacement monster design was rejected for looking like a teddy bear!

Musician Joey Ramone once posed with a statue of the original Kamen Rider. No, really.

In what may or may not have been a publicity stunt, Boris Karloff took out insurance against potential premature aging that might be caused by horror make-up in 1931!

The script for The 7th Voyage of Sindad was written around Ray Harryhausen’s concept art for monsters he wanted to animate.

One of the plans for the currently unfilmed Rambo V was to do an adaptation of James Byron Huggins’ novel Hunter, which would feature Rambo battling a genetically engineered monster!

According to the Tales from the Darkside: The Movie commentary track, Tom Savini feels that the film is the “real” Creepshow 3.

The film The Adventures of Galgameth is an uncredited remake of Pulgasari. Given that it was co-written by the same man who directed Pulgasari, Shin Sang-ok (under the name “Simon Sheen”), it seems reasonable to assume it was his way of getting revenge on Kim Jong-il for having him kidnapped and forced to make movies for the dictator.

Vincent Price requested that a line about his vampire character in The Monster Club having retractable fangs be added in after discovering that he couldn’t speak while wearing them.

The Slime People originally had scenes which showed that the titular Slime People were aided by giant voles. However, the scenes were removed from the film due to the laughable quality of the vole costumes.

Since Universal had wanted to reuse the giant props and sets from The Incredible Shrinking Man, Richard Matheson wrote a script for a sequel featuring the Incredible Shrinking Man’s wife shrinking.

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