2011: End of the Year – IN 3-D


The Year 2011 brought us a wide collection of great music from many genres of horror music. It would be pretentious of us here at GdL16 to think that we could pick THE BEST ALBUM OF 2011. And as science has proved, lists are for suckers and shitty music blogs. Since we’re a bettter-than-shitty horror blog, here are FIFTY RELEASES OF 2011 for you to check out. These are in no particular order of importance. Each of them deserves your attention as much as the other. To make it a challenge, we’ll sum up the album in 31 (20+11=31) words.



Voodoo Zombie, Santa Muerte
It’s always smart to go out on a high note, as the lead singer would depart after this band after it releases one of the best psychobilly albums of the year.



Nekromantix, What Happens In Hell, Stays In Hell
Despite their best efforts and all the money they wound up spending, they couldn’t kill this iconic psychobilly band, leaving the ensuing masses to fear their subsequent but deserved wrath.



Rezurex, Dance of the Dead
I thought I knew her—like really knew her, through and through—but after I found her listening to this collection of well-composed psychobilly melodies, she’s like a completely different person.



Vince Ray and the Boneshakers, The Sound Effects of Sex and Horror
In that dimension where Elvis never died, this album has been playing nonstop in his Cadillac’s stereo for the last three weeks, his rhinestoned fingers tapping along on the steering wheel.



Bonsai Kitten, Done With Hell
If you’ve ever been roundhouse kicked in the brain by a flaming, steel toed, leather boot worn by the object of your soul’s desire, you know what this album sounds like.



Johnny Nightmare, Kicking Satan Out Of Hell
It’s an admirable goal to dethrone the king of all liars, and if they are as motivated as they sound with this album, it’s plausible that they will be incredibly successful.



Kitty In A Casket, Back To Thrill
Down that darkened alley, the only light seen is from a dive bar, seemingly unreal because of its unearthly clientele drinking fire and the music of this album playing from below.



The Limit Club, This is Cutthroat Business
Frenzied and whirling like a Sonoran Desert Devil, this trio of wild men soothsayers offers to reveal the secrets of life, lords and the universe, but only for a specific price.



Alucard, Vamp City Rockers
Found drained of all worthless limitations like shame and doubt, the body picked a fight with the coroner, concluding the person had listened to this album before the time of death.



Labretta Suede and the Motel 6, Dirty and Dumb
When science finally distills those exact amino acids that produce things like “excitement,” “joy” and “fear” inside your lizard brain, they’ll find the chemical make-up looks exactly like this album’s cover.



If we’ve missed out on your favorite album, you have 31 words to sum it up in the comments. Who knows? Maybe we’ll pick the best one out and send you something.


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