Tuesday uEtsy: Donna Diddit

Tuesday uEtsy

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Donna Diddit

Cthulhu Coffee Mug Bottomless

Brewders is the local coffeehouse. It’s not like Dutchman’s Diner where you can get coffee and breakfast. Brewders, originally Corner Brew, changed to Bewder’s Corner when it reopened after a fire, known simply as Brewders to the locals. Brewders. It’s the best place to get a cup of coffee if you don’t have time or to sit down if you do. Manned by a few stalwarts and an every cycling cast of college coeds, it’s a fixture for those who need an instant’s caffeine or a moment’s rest to think.

Young Gus thinks its “overpriced,” but he’s been drinking the same brand of coffee since he first started on the stuff back when Old Gus was still alive (W. Jon has suggested Gus has been using the same single can of coffee for the last decade.) S. Jason visits once a week, and its late hours mean that the entire cast of Leathbridge can visit if they need be. Sometimes, being in Brewders past the normal hours yields more than just a special zest to your order. The clientele turns a bit peculiar but they always pay and tip generously.

Some of the drinkware in Brewders is that of Donna Diddit. With a series of mugs that make the morning bright for anyone who needs to sit and sip for a spell, these are highly recommended to any of you who need a special cup of something-something to get you going.

Cthulhu Coffee Mug Not Quite Risen

Donna offers a series of H.P. Lovecraft inspired mugs, with a variety of sayings and graphics to fit your mood in the morning, whether it ranges from ‘pitiless bleak’ to ‘aggravated shambler.’ Take your pick and fill it to the brim, making well sure that even if death can die, you will still be able to get through the morning at your computer.





It’s A Boy Push Pin Puzzle

One of Donna’s specialties is the limited edition, custom box puzzles. Here, the combination of letters spell out IT’S A BOY, that dramatic line from Nightmare on Elm Street V: The Dream Child. Of course, you might be spawning a child of your own, even name him Freddy (or in this case, Pinhead.) Deliver the news in your own lamentful configuration with this wonderfully ornate and highly distinct puzzle box.



Drinking Geek Glassware- F5ing Beverage

The endless cup of coffee – always dreamed, never achieved. Here, we have a subtle take on that diner trademark with an idea of how to refresh yourself with your choice of refreshment. If only it was as easy as a keystroke to get service out here. One can only dream.




Word Game- Quote by Catherine the Great- 1 of 100 Deluxe Edition- Bloodwood

Not preggers and still want to play with one of Donna Diddit’s magnificent puzzles? Here is one of a limited edition where you arrange the pins to decipher the quote. This one from Catherine the Great; it has nothing to do with horses as that was a vicious rumor. Don’t think about those things when you play with yourself and others once you get this puzzle.



Good Intentions Bauble Box- 1.5″ – Maple Wood

Have something so large and frightening that you need to keep it in a fine, wooden box? Something, the biggest of all secrets are the smallest to hold. How large is a secret? How small is something so great that it can turn your world over and leave you wrecked and confused? These are things only Donna knows. She makes her boxes to keep all those great and terrible things.



You are a terrible thing so you belong in one of Donna Diddit’s boxes. Take a cup of coffee and slide in. Head on over to her Etsy site to see which one fits you the best. Afterwards, Like her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter and head over to her Official Site to get all the news you need. We’ll brew up a fresh pot and wait for you to return next week for another Tuesday uEtsy.

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