Crypt Jam

In the early 90’s, Tales From The Crypt was EVERYWHERE. So much so that I knew exactly what the Crypt Keeper looked and sounded like despite never having seen a single episode. In fact, I remember watching an episode of the animated spin-off Tales From The Cryptkeeper and being pleased they used the same voice actor (but puzzled over the character’s drastic design change). So when it came time to release an official soundtrack album, a special single called “Crypt Jam” was put together to help promote it (along with the show and HBO). Not only did the Crypt Keeper himself, John Kassir, sing but there was also a music video! Thanks to howarddavid31, you can see if for yourself below:

I’ve wanted to see this video (or at least hear the song) ever since I saw a promotional trading card for it and now that I finally have, all I can say is…um…wow. That was so 90’s it actually hurts to watch! Oh well, at least it had some new Crypt Keeper goodness in it.

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