Music In Costume: Ghost dresses up as Roky Erickson

Thanks to his legacy as an outlaw musician (as well as the stories about his wild persona before he started to properly regulate his mental illness) Roky Erickson has a legion of followers, many of which have done proper tributes to the former 13 Elevators frontman. So picking one was a bit hard – so I decided to go with Ghost. Skeletal faced religious imagery seems fine, though I think the Faceless Ghouls are biting off the Lurking Corpses style. NOW there’s a split I’d like to see – Lurking Corpses vs. Ghost.

Anyway, Dave Grohl supposedly produced the EP where this cover emanates, and Grohl recently talked about how his first real experience with rock and roll came from a Naked Raygun concert (during a recording of a HBO special) so hey, good on Dave Grohl.



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