Music In Costume: Haunted George dresses up as Chase Weber

This song is predominantly known thanks to Pat Boone covering it. It was originally written by Chase Webster and the song got some justice when Haunted George gave it a proper rendition.

If you want to listen to Pat Boone’s version, you’ll have to find it yourself. The guy comes across as a someone who would object to Halloween on some moral religious grounds, as if some kid dressing up as Iron Man to get a handful of candy is going to somehow lead to eternal damnation. Sorry, Pat. You’re wrong on that one and I think he wouldn’t want a video of him to even be ASSOCIATED with this insignificant horror/weird blog.

However, Haunted George is an incredible guy and he’s currently playing Bass in BOSS FINK. Find EVERYTHING that Haunted George has done – Thee Cormans, The Beguiled, etc.


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