Music In Costume: The Children of the Night dress up as Zacherley

This is from the youtube video: This early MTV style video directed by Bruce Dunn was created by “The Monsters,” aka “The Children of the Night,” and featured Jeffrey Black as Dracula, Richie Stevens as The Wolfman, and George Quintinella as the Hunchback. It played on numerous cable stations, on air locals and eventually USA, HBO, and Comedy Central.”

I didn’t get cable until Gilbert Gottfried was hosting USA Up All Night, so that video ran before my time. Through my interest in horror hosts, I came to know about Zacherley, the Cool Ghoul. He and Elvira were the first real ghost-hosts on the television screen. Vampira would release a couple singles with Satan’s Cheerleaders, but those were serious extensions of Maila Nurmi’s beat poetry life prior to Vampira. Zacherley embraced the camp and silliness of his character, though I think he was more clever than one would give credit.

The cover seems far too coked up as everyone is writhing around and throwing themselves here and there. It’s fun but there’s something more sinister about Zacherley’s original. What do you think?


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