How To Make A Prop Chainsaw

Do you need a fake chainsaw for Halloween and require something with more heft than a papercraft version? Fear not! The Prop Master’s Handbook has posted a tutorial on YouTube which shows how you can make a fairly realistic one for very little money:

This also gave me a great idea for a haunted house room or Halloween window display. First, make a prop chainsaw according to the above video’s instructions. Once it’s finished and everything’s dried, put it on a table. Adding a few fake body parts is optional and if you can’t splash some fake blood around, lit the scene with a red light. Then print out and hang some appropriate warning signs in the background. That’s all you need for a simple window display, but you should probably include a surprise visit from a performer if you’re doing this at a haunted house. Since people would expect to be attacked by someone with a chainsaw, perhaps someone could sneak up on them and either scream “Get away from my saw” or attack with a different prop weapon? Or maybe the table the chainsaw is displayed on has some plastic covering which hides someone underneath? Whether they attack with another prop chainsaw (and appropriate sound effects) is up to you, as I doubt anyone would expect a chainsaw attack like that!

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