Speed of the Living Dead

Arguments about whether “fast” zombies or the traditional shambling undead are scarier usually bring up the same few points. Proponents of running zombies often note how slow zombies would be easy to evade once the initial shock of seeing wore off. Traditionalists will then point out how you can’t run forever and the dead will eventually get you. The subject of today’s post offers a humorous new wrinkle to the ongoing debate. Philip Pugh’s horror short Speed of the Living Dead can be found online thanks to Hammer:

Yes, that’s the same Hammer behind numerous classic horror movies starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. They’re hosting this, along with many other films that were submitted to the London Short Film 2017 “90 Second Horror Challenge.” Here’s hoping we see more great shorts from those parties in the years to come!

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  1. What I want to know is – do zombies heal?

    Think of all the little cuts and nicks and bruises you get over the course of the day. Now imagine you don’t feel pain, and are too stupid to watch out for things like tree roots and sharp corners. Then there are all the insects that love to eat dead flesh….

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