6’+ Episode 247 is Up!

2013 Logo IconTo quote the description given at the new listing:

“Happy (late) Valentine’s Day! We celebrate the pain of love…literally…with a track full of heartfelt odes to falling in love and how love can be a horror show. Featuring PRISON OB BLUES, THE BROWNS, THE GORY DETAILS, and a new track from MYSTERY GIRL! Plus, Monstermatt Patterson gives you a Valentine and it’s…THE MONSTERMATT MINUTE! And Kraig Khaos is Cupid in KILLER KUT!”

Remember to email 6′+ (contact at 6ftplus.com) or leave a comment below about the show, whether you liked it or not. Tell your friends, leave a review on iTunes, but above all – enjoy.

Technical issues were preventing us from posting about previous episodes for awhile, so don’t forget to check out episodes 246, 245, 244, 243 and 242! It seemed easier and less confusing to do it this way rather than schedule everything as if they had been posted on the date of each episode’s debut. This is also why Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day were acknowledged on the Gravedigger’s Local 16 Facebook page rather than getting their traditional special posts here.

You can find all episodes of 6′+ over at the official site as well as on iTunes and Stitcher. They’re also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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