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A Halloween Scarol

Remember Big Scream TV: The Boo Tube? Well, the company behind that series does other lines of video decor DVDs. One such example is Halloween Scarols, which combines Big Scream TV-style characters with Halloween-themed Christmas carol parodies. In fact, the songs were later released as a CD as well! As I’ve shared music videos from …

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Happy Halloween!

From all of us here at Gravedigger’s Local 16, we wish you a Happy Halloween.  Be safe, be spooky.

More Fear For Your Ears

As the original Fear For Your Ears was such a rousing success, I’ve decided to once again dip into my collection of free audio drama/audio book links in order to share with you: Those of you who enjoyed my article on Neil Gaiman’s “A Study In Emerald” should be very interested in the free audio …

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3D Sound in Haunts

Imagine walking through a haunted attraction and suddenly hearing breathing behind you, only to turn around and see that nobody is behind you. Not long after, you’re surprised to hear a ghostly whisper of “Beware” in your left ear. You can hear a thunderstorm moving overheard as you pass through a corridor, and later distant …

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Costume Crazyness 2011

I’ve been doing this for the last three years and the amount of knock-offs and bizarre costumes has yet to diminish. It never ceases to amaze me just how many variations there are of the Scream mask, both knock-off and licensed. Seriously, look at all of the freaking knock–offs I found this year. The (what …

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6′+ Episode 16 is Up!

To quote the description given at the new listing: “Happy Halloween! We’re celebrating here on 6′+, the finale of the set of episodes dedicated towards Halloween Music. We’ve got a mix of treats for you, with bands like Rocket From The Crypt, Blag Dahlia, Clarence Brewster, Cenobites, The Fuzztones and others! This should get you …

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More Tricks and Treats

Since I had so much fun putting together my first “Tricks and Treats” article last year, I thought I’d give it another go: Thanks to Hulu, you can watch horror movies like The Blair Witch Project or Raiders of the Living Dead online for free! In addition to his show being syndicated nationwide on Me-TV, …

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Hauntstyles of the Rich and Famous

Remember the fictional haunted house that I wrote about in “The Ultimate Haunt?” You know, the multistory haunted house where you get a partial refund for each floor you complete (but no one has ever completed it since it’s so scary)? Well, it turns out that it now has a name The Chimera House.” Not …

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Halloween Harry’s Alien Carnage

Ah, the golden age of shareware. As a video game crazy kid, shareware was a big part of my life. As I did not have an internet connection at the time, a friend of mine from up the road would download games onto a disk and bring them over to my house so we could …

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Slime Time

When you think of homemade slime, chances are you think of the classic recipe involving cornstarch and water. However, there are numerous other ways to make your own slime: Martin Bridge Blazing Ahead! by Jessica Scott Kerrin and Joseph Kelly has a recipe that uses Gummi Bears as the principal ingredient! Susan Ohanian’s From Pumpkin …

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The Cramps were in a Cat Food commercial

Or specifically, a target ad featuring a pale H.P. Lovecraft looking motherfucker being stalked by his British Grey shorthair in regards to the deals on Catfood available at Target. Insane. The opening notes were from either “I was a Teenage Werewolf” or their cover of “Rockin’ Bones.”   Edit: Someone put video of it up!

Psyched by the R/C Witch

You know that would really be cool at a haunted hayride? Rounding a corner and hearing a witch laughing from above (thanks to a speaker hidden in the trees), with a witch flying on her broomstick appearing in the sky. Sound impossible? It’s not, thanks to flying radio controlled planes designed to look like a …

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Sunday Thinking

Sunday Reading is postponed because the books that I ordered were shipped to a wrong address due to my latent and completely irrationally undiagnosed dyslexia put down “915” instead of “951,” sending the books to the imaginary place in between a laundromat and a guy wielding motorcycles in his garage. The sickness is almost gone, …

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Hanson’s Haunted Farm and Hayride

Wow, I didn't know Johnny Legend was a haunted attraction employee...

Location: 20 Nixon Road, Framingham, MA 01701 (Directions) Dates/Times: Oct. 7-8, 14-15, 21-22, 28-29, 7:00 to 10:00 pm (Dates/Times and prices subject to change as years go by) Admission: $12 per child 12 and under, $14 per adult (Call ahead for groups of 10 or more) Phone: (508) 877-3058 Website: http://www.hansonsfarm.50webs.com Although I wasn’t able …

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Music to Haunt By: Sonic Realm

Sonic Realm Official Site Halloween Horrorscapes, Koberlin Studios 2007 Halloween Horrorscapes is a very interesting case. Although it’s an album of soundscapes, there’s just enough music in it to keep it from being your typical scary sounds CDs. Also separating it from the usual Halloween fare are its intense, not entirely kid-friendly nature and its …

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And here, I just changed my diet.

Got to cut out the fried food, y’know?      

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