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According to this article, Godzilla made a licensed appearance in an audio drama spin-off of the Idol Defense Force Hummingbird OVA series.

Color me surprised: Dracula’s Daughter was created as a result of Universal getting the license to adapt Dracula’s Guest.

As many of you all know, King Kong Lives was the sequel to the 1970’s remake of King Kong. But you probably didn’t know that it inspired two Japanese video games: King Kong 2: Ikari no Megaton Punch and King Kong 2: Yomigaeru Densetsu. That movie would’ve been so much more tolerable if it had Kong battle giant robots and blobs like he did in King Kong 2: Ikari no Megaton Punch.

Speaking of King Kong, the old “Kongfrontation” ride once had a crossover of sorts with Darkman and the now-defunct “King Kong Encounter” ride will be replaced with a new Kong ride in 2010.

While we’re on the topic of amusement attractions based on horror movies, the UK-based “Alien War” attraction (based on the Alien franchise and once featured a cameo by a Predator) has since been rethemed as “Alien Wars.” The use of xenomorphs has been dropped in favor of a generic “extraterrestrial attack” theme, presumably in order to save money on licensing fees.

Here’s a shocker: the movie A*P*E was originally advertised as The New King Kong in America, in a presumably desperate attempt to sucker people eager to see the then-current Kong remake into seeing the shoddy Korean rip-off. Unsurprisingly, RKO sued and the title had to be changed. I’d love to know how the hell they thought they could have gotten away with that. As a special bonus, here’s an older version of that Wikpedia entry where they link to a picture of the original poster.

If this is to be believed, William Peter Blatty once said that he considered The Ninth Configuration to be the true sequel to The Exorcist.

Wow, Universal’s Creature from the Black Lagoon musical attraction sounds awful. The article has plenty of spoilers, although I can’t see how one could “spoil” that piece of crap.

This claims that one of the entries in the Bloody Murder series is set at the same camp as the other two films, but doesn’t mention Trevor Moorehouse or any of the killings from the other films. That’s almost as surprising as how the filmmakers weren’t sued over their blatant (in my opinion) Jason Voorhees rip-off.

Mystery on Monster Island is advertised as being based on a Jules Verne novel. What they don’t tell you is that the novel in question didn’t have any monsters in it!

Finally, check out this article on the great and noble profession of grave digging.

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