What’s a countdown without a count?

Count von Count, that is.

I know these mildly NSFW videos are old news, but I immediately thought of the “censored Count” videos after chancing upon a Sesame Street segment parodying Mad Men (what’s next, a Breaking Bad parody?).

According to uploader mrmagoo312, Lemon Demon (aka Neil Cicierega) was responsible for the audio while wattamack4 provided the video for the following:

As is the case with other successful Youtube videos, the popularity of “The Song of the Count – Lemon Demon Version” led to a slew of imitators. In my opinion, the vast majority of them “ran out of steam” fairly quickly due to the weakness of the material used. However, there is one video which didn’t fall victim to that pitfall:

According to creator MrNick01, the vacation video was based on an idea by one noodles347. It’s almost frightening just how well the innocent songs about counting become hilarious songs about an insatiable sex drive with only some choice bleeps. To quote Strange Jason, “the Count’s prowess is unrivaled!”

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