Watching Necropolis

[The following occurred a few days ago, after the writer decided to search the “Impact” OnDemand folder for newly posted horror movies. WARNING: Minor Spoilers]

AMM: Hhmm…Necropolis sounds interesting.

[About a minute or so into the movie]

AMM: I think I’ve heard about this before. Something about an ancient six breasted witch who reappears in modern times and threatens to remove a guy’s hearing.

[A little later]

AMM: Well, the witch only seems to have two. Must have been thinking of another movie.

[A little more later]

AMM: Waitaminute, she is threatening to make that guy lose his hearing! The hell? Did I get two different movies mixed up?

[Much later]

AMM: And there goes the top!

[lengthy pause]

AMM: Okay, her breasts are exposed. I GET IT.

[Witch’s chest starts to pulsate. Guess what happens next?]

AMM: Guess I was right after all. I wonder why decided to make her grow four extra boobs in the middle of the movie? It’s too early for them to try to one up Total Recall and…are they oozing gray slime? Why are those zombie-demon things moving toward he…No. No, they aren’t goinOHDEARGOD!

[After some yelling and swearing]

AMM: WHAT. THE. HELL? I know this explains the whole “six breasts” thing and something similar does appear in actual folklore about witches, but…


AMM: You know, this has the makings of a decent blog entry…

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