Even More Creepy Cocktails

Everything tastes better in labware.

The Halloween Handbook by Bridie Clark, Ashley Dodd and Janette Beckman has recipes for the following: All Hallow’s Eve Martini, Pumpkin Eater, Halloween Schnapps, Squirmy-Wormies, Body Part Sangria and Mauled Cider.

Those who have read my previous articles on creepy cocktails might remember Girls’ Night by Jaclyn W. Foley for its recipe for Lizard Slime. However, it turns out I had missed another spooky recipe from that book: Little Devil.

If you love candy, but are too old to go Trick-or-Treating, then perhaps the Candy Bar cocktail recipe in Megan Buckley and Sheree Bykofsky’s Sexy City Cocktails will be of interest to you.

Although Cheryl Charming and Susan Bourgoin Knack Bartending Basics lists it as a Thanksgiving drink, I think Hot Apple Pie can also count as a Halloween drink. The book also offers a cocktail called “Ultraviolet,” which calls to mind the numerous black lights that appear in Halloween displays and haunted attractions across the world, and one called “Fortune Teller.” Charming also has a Halloween cocktail called Wicked Witch’s Socks, Dragon’s Breath and S’Mores in The Everything Cocktail Parties and Drinks Book.

Lovecraft fans will undoubtedly be interested in Drinknation.com’s recipes for Cthulhu Rising and a Reanimator.

This vintage Bacardi ad shows how to make a variety of Devil-themed drinks.

Although it’s named for a non-horror movie, I still think recipe for Blood and Sand in A. J. Rathbun Party Drinks! could still work at a Halloween party.

Better Homes & Gardens’ Halloween Tricks and Treats has recipes for Bloody Harry Scary and a Shrunken-Head Martini.

Those seeking a non-alcoholic drink should enjoy a Blood Milkshake and drinkers of all kinds can appreciate Vampire Eye Icecubes, recipes for both of which can be found in Country Living Happy Halloween!

Similarly, Cheryl Perry’s Youth Spirit has recipes for Witch’s Brew and Hot Spiced Apple Drink.

Halloween Treats by Donata Maggipinto and Richard Jung has both adult and kids versions of recipes like Devil’s Breath and Witch’s Kiss.

Finally, The Book of Lists for Teens by Sandra and Harry Choron has a non-alcoholic cocktail called the “Purple People Eater.”

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