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Still More Creepy Cocktails

Mymi Doinet’s The Halloween Activity Book has a great recipe for “Blood Cocktails.” Similarly, Better Homes & Gardens’ Halloween Tricks and Treats has a recipe for “Spooky Smoothies” (complete with some tasty eyeball decor for said smoothies). In the mood for punch? Then Apron String’s “Spider Punch” and Good Housekeeping‘s “Cauldron Punch” should be right …

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As many faithful readers know, much effort has been put into finding a way to do a horror-related Kwanzaa article with little results. Why? Well, we here at Gravedigger’s Local 16 try to be all inclusive and more importantly, one does not come up with an awesome name like “Killwanzaa” and not use it. That …

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Adios El Día de los Muertos?

As you’ve no doubt surmised from the title, this is going to be an article like “No More Vintage Halloween Insanity.” Although I have just enough material for this entry, it’s looking for and more like I won’t have enough material for any future El Día de los Muertos-related posts (but I will keep looking). …

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Even More Creepy Cocktails

The Halloween Handbook by Bridie Clark, Ashley Dodd and Janette Beckman has recipes for the following: All Hallow’s Eve Martini, Pumpkin Eater, Halloween Schnapps, Squirmy-Wormies, Body Part Sangria and Mauled Cider. Those who have read my previous articles on creepy cocktails might remember Girls’ Night by Jaclyn W. Foley for its recipe for Lizard Slime. …

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More Creepy Cocktails (and Ghoulish Goodies)

If you thought that I had covered every type of Halloween-related cocktail and food recipes last year, you are quite mistaken. Here are my latest discoveries: 500 Caribbean Rum Recipes by Barb Mindar has a recipe for Voodoo Juice. The Daily Cocktail by Dalyn Miller and Larry Donovan has a drink called Hammer Horror. They …

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