The Cramps were in a Cat Food commercial

Or specifically, a target ad featuring a pale H.P. Lovecraft looking motherfucker being stalked by his British Grey shorthair in regards to the deals on Catfood available at Target.


The opening notes were from either “I was a Teenage Werewolf” or their cover of “Rockin’ Bones.”


Edit: Someone put video of it up!


    • elisavet on January 20, 2012 at 5:55 pm
    • Reply

    EEEEK!! THATS MY (crappy celphone) VIDEO!!!
    & im so glad you noticed that guy is a lovecrafty-type!
    do you think it was just coincidence that both the cramps commercials showed up right around halloween?

    1. THANK YOU! for taking that video. I swear, if there wasn’t any proof, I would have gone insane thinking this. I only saw the commercial once and it was gone.

      It definitely had to coincide with Halloween. I haven’t seen it since. Hopefully, it comes back on again this year.

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