Tuesday uEtsy Update

Tuesday uEtsy

An update about what 2012 holds for Tuesday uEtsy – the feature will return in mid-January, after we research new stores to spotlight. We how to keep the feature going throughout the year, though we always suspend it during October since it would be unfair to spotlight a few stores during what us, normally, our “busy time.”

If you have a store (or know of one that deserves the attention), you are welcomed to write us either in the comments or by emailing us via contact (@)gravediggerslocal dot com. We welcome all suggestions.

The safest estimate of the return will be around the 17th. We will keep you updated.


  1. i may have a few things around the gallery that may be of interest. if not , i can always run into the yard and dig something up !

    1. Hit us up via email. Contact at gravediggerslocal dot com.

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