New Year, Full Moon

2012. It’s a brand new year. We have lots of plans here at Gravedigger’s Local 16. First is our eventually taking down our Blogspot page. Although it was the site’s birthplace, there’s no real point in keeping up something that isn’t updated anymore. We’re aiming for having it taken down and converted into a redirection page to this site sometime by the end of January. More importantly, this month is going to be devoted to reviews of Full Moon movies! That’s right, I’ll be covering everything from their early films to their most recent offerings. The others might be joining in too! For those who don’t care for Full Moon’s output, there’s always the (soon to be) revived Tuesday uEtsy.

So as you wait for all these great new events, why not take a look at these classic GdL16 Full Moon articles:

Killjoy 3
Puppet Master
Full Moon Direct
The Haunted Casino
Evil Bong 3D Sneak Peek
The Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver

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