Video Store Day Is Here!


If you somehow haven’t heard of Video Store Day, its official Facebook page has all the basic information you need about the event. But if you know about the event and don’t understand why it’s so important, here’s a little song for you:

Admittedly the subject of the song sells rather than rents movies and the singer has his tongue firmly in cheek at the ending, but the basic message is still important. Having a place to get movies is a good thing and potential future consequences have to be considered. Let’s look at a real life example. Hellboy II: The Golden Army got made due to the success of the first film’s rental and physical media sales. Since streaming and digital downloads have wiped out a good chunk of those markets, the chances of a third sequel getting made is very unlikely. It’s important to remember how not everyone who previously made up those markets switched over to this new method of distribution. In some cases, they can’t make the jump even if they wanted to due to the lack of high speed connections in their area. So keeping the availability of DVDs and Blu-Ray as high as possible is a worthwhile cause.

Happy Video Store Day!

Special thanks to Eyesore Cinema for use of the image!

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