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Make Your Own Man-Eating Plant

The term “man-eating plant” is kind of misleading. Pop culture has shown time and time again how these fictional plants are more than happy to eat women. Come to think of it, they often snack on animals much larger than what your standard Venus Flytrap, sundew or pitcher plant could ever hope to digest. I …

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Feed Me!

As you might recall from my Venus Coin Trap article, I made a passing reference to having received the Little Shop of Horrors-inspired Milton Bradley game “Feed Me!” as a gift many years ago. Whereas the Venus Coin Trap appears to be based on the depiction of Audrey II from the film’s poster, “Feed Me!” …

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Venus Coin Trap

You probably saw the above-pictured novelty bank numerous times in the late 80’s through the early 90’s. It’s often referred to as the “Little Shop of Horrors bank” or the “Audrey II bank,” but its actual name is the “Venus Coin Trap” bank. Why? Because it was designed to cash in on the 1986 Little …

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