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Mongolian Death Worm Gaff

This “Mongolian Death Worm” was the result of an experiment using vintage gaff making techniques. I wanted to recreate the process of crafting a sideshow display using materials available in the early 20th century. Except for cheating on the teeth, which were made from epoxy putty, I used traditional paper mache for the entire specimen. …

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Back To School

The back to school season is upon us, and with it an opportunity to get some great sculpting tools.  Just head over to the eraser section of the school supplies.  You’ll more than likely find novelty erasers depicting all sorts of odd items featuring some amazing textures.  Last night I picked up a package of …

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Tentacles: The Suckering!

Following up on the original tentacle project, I wanted to try making one with “suckers” running along it’s length. To make the sucker rings I used 1/2″ cabone rings applied while one of the sealing layers of latex was still wet. After that layer dried, effectively serving to glue the rings to the body of …

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Making A Tentacle

The humble tentacle is arguably the most iconic of Mythos images, trumping even the mighty Necronomicon. Rightly or wrongly (keeping in mind that actual tentacles are few and far between in Lovecraft’s works) it has become symbolic of the entire genre of cosmic horror. Now, at long last, I’ve made my first prop tentacle.The impetus …

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