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Reminder: Fuck Spirit Halloween

It’s the 9th of October and it’s my annual reminder that Spirit Halloween is a peddler of cheap shit and horribly racist and sexist costumes (and just some downright idiotic ones).  And that’s even before you factor in the allegations of their parent company stocking goods which are claimed to use stolen designs. I mean, …

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I Got The Spirit But Lose The Feeling

(aka Fuck You Spirit Halloween 2013) Happy Halloween Season, ladies and gentlemen and all those in between. There’s a lot of swearing in this one. A month ago, I received a comment on a past article I wrote, which in itself is an odd phenomenon. In a sea full of horror blogs, we’re good but …

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Operation Spirit (aka Fuck You, Spirit Halloween)

Sometime last week, I wrote a diatribe about Spirit Halloween. There are many reasons for me to hate Spirit Halloween, the second of the most grievous offenses being the overpriced line of stupid, racist, and sexist costumes. The hate-fueled rant included a lot of obscenities, since the title ‘Fuck You, Spirit Halloween’ set the tone. …

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