Reminder: Fuck Spirit Halloween

It’s the 9th of October and it’s my annual reminder that Spirit Halloween is a peddler of cheap shit and horribly racist and sexist costumes (and just some downright idiotic ones).  And that’s even before you factor in the allegations of their parent company stocking goods which are claimed to use stolen designs.

I mean, look at something. You’re shopping on their website and hey – take a look at this STITCH CHOKER they’re selling:




Fuck. THAT SURE LOOKS FAMILIAR. LIKE, something we wrote about four years ago-type-of-familiar.




If you want to read more reasons why you’re an asshole if you go into Spirit Halloween this season, check out these reasons here and here. I don’t need to repeat myself as to why you’d be a shithead TO THE FULLEST DEFINITION OF THE WORD if you frequent any of those establishments.

And another Halloween Tradition is upheld: Fuck Spencer’s Gifts. Fuck Spirit Halloween. And if you shop at either of those stores: Fuck You.




  1. It’s Halloween City in these parts. I think it’s the same parent company, though the stores aren’t as elaborate. I admit, I wander through once or twice a season, just to get in the spirit. While it’s nice to be surrounded by the scary, I haven’t bought anything from them in ages. Not just because of your reasons–though those are the most important–but because their stuff is overpriced, cheaply made, and lacks any artistry. They even ruin the stuff they steal.

    Thanks for this post. Think I’ll put the link on SM’s facebook page later today.

  2. From what it looks like, Party City owns Halloween City whereas Spencer’s owns Spirit Halloween. I haven’t seen a Halloween City but they do turn out the Party City branches here whenever October rolls around.

    It’s nice to walk through those type of stores and see all the ways the world can be creepy. And yeah – its all overpriced and cheaply made. But I can admit that when everything is black, orange and purple, it feels rather nice.

    But turn a corner and boom – there’s a hyper-sexual costume of a children’s cartoon character hanging on the rack in between a myriad of racist and sexist costumes. The selling of alleged ‘intellectually-stolen goods’ is just the rotten cherry on this already fetid cake. Blech.

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