October 1, 2008 archive

Graveyard Jamboree with Mysterious Mose

In honor of the start of our Halloween countdown, I thought I’d share a short film that Strange Jason showed me a few years back: In case you were wondering, the song the film is based around is a 1930 song by Walter Doyle. Mr. Doyle first played it with his orchestra and “Mysterious Mose” …

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Hang Ten Years – The Ghastly Ones

The Ghastly Ones www.GhastlyOnes.com A-Haunting We’ll Go-Go, Zombie A Go-Go Records 1998 Glows In The Dark All-Plastic Assembly Kit, Ghastly Plastics 2005 Target: Draculon, Ghastly Plastics 2006 Unearthed , Ghastly Plastics 2007 If I’m to kick off a thirty-one day write-up of all the spooky music I like, it’s only fitting I start with The …

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