They Secrete, We Suck

The Secretions

Probably one of the best punk bands around today is The Secretions from out of Sacremento. Self-describing their sound as music “in the key of the Ramones,’ the Secretions have a few songs that should pop up on your Halloween mix when you get tired of the ‘Monster Mash’ and ‘Everyday is Halloween.’ Below, you’ll find their video for ‘Cemetary Pogo,’ a tribute to the old slasher/sex movies that make you pine for something more like ‘The Howling’ instead of ‘Saw V.’ And below that, ‘Fuckin’ Zombies,’ a loving fan-letter to the ‘Evil Dead’ series that was also featured in a porno, I think. Only an accoustic version available on YouTube. If you want the real one, I suggest you purchase their album (all of them, really) which can be found at Silver Sprocket.

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