Tuesday uEtsy: Creepy Glowbug Concoctions

Tuesday uEtsyCreepy Glowbug Concoctions


Creepy Cute Girly Bow Skull pendant – black/silver spiral skull with pink bow

We recently caught up with Hector, poet laurite and up-to-the-minute news reporter. Hector was spotted hanging out the Circle-K and spoke of the following:

“Last night, a lady and feller
Went off to the Fortune teller
Doors open, though she was closed
And I saw they had the same nose
Before Lady Ulster bustled them to the cellar.”

A follow-up inquiry confirmed that Madam Lady Ulster’s younger siblings were in town. Milo and Eva had showed up late and Lady Ulster, not one to turn away her last bit of her family, let them crash in the basement of her rented building until they find lodging for themselves. We’re not entirely sure how long they’ll be in town, since Lady Ulster usually packs up and migrates westward once the October tourist season dries up.

Milo and Eva aren’t too bad, just a bit too young for their older sister who, older than them both by a decade and a half, is lost in the age gap. Doesn’t help that neither seem as self-starting in securing a viable profession as their elder sibling; Milo usually trawls around the University campus while Eva spends her days cycling between coffee shops and bookstores. When she’s got a book and a latte nearby, she’s seen twirling a finger around a necklace, idling playing with a pendant while her thoughts are running.

Can’t confirm that she was wearing something from Creepy Glowbug Concoctions, this week’s Tuesday uEtsy, but if she did, it would confirm that she had good taste in fashion, if not in life decisions. We can’t fault the youth for being young. It would be like blaming the elderly for growing old or the corpse for being dead.

BWAINZZZ- Brains-Zombie Bwainzz – abby normal mix of 4 brains

Or undead; sometimes, they don’t stay dead and you can still get pretty steamed at them. Or fried, if that’s how you like your brains. Always be prepared for a bite-sized Zombie attack with these BWAINZZZ, miniature brains that work well for art projects, good luck tokens or distractions when a zombie tries to pop one in for a breath mint (which, we must add, would be a great thing because there’s nothing worse than death breath.)

Halloween Glow in the Dark Ghost miniature ornament

Though we wonder about the length of Milo and Eva’s stay with their sister, what with November a few months away, we have to remind ourselves that November is STILL quite a few months away. It’ll be winter in fair due time and with that, holiday ornaments decorating evergreens both organic and plastic. Or, you can buck the trend and have one of the many Glow in the Dark ornaments around your house either for Halloween or 365 days a year. Go wild. Defy the system!

BWAINZZZ- Brains- magnets- gray matter

These magnetic versions of BWAINZZZ are a damn miracle, if you ask us. As you can see here, they can help the most absent minded individual keep on top of things. If you want to keep a picture taken before your teenage sister went off to her prom, her hair helped by you because your mother had passed a year before, these magnets will secure that photograph to your fridge.

Miniature “sTEaMpUNKiNs” set of 2 pumpkin sculptures

There’s a joke somewhere that if you just paste gears onto anything, it makes it steampunk. We laughed when we heard that but it’s not entirely true. See, what Creepy Glowbug Concoctions have made here is the evolution of ultraviolence. That’s right – no longer do we worry about clockwork oranges when we have steampunk pumpkins – Or “sTEaMpUNKiNs” How cool is that?

Summer Fun Zombie Girl greeting card

Speaking of cool, even the undead have to chill off during the heat. While we have to say that any comely looking lass with green skin and a taste for brains sends off mixed signals, we do have to admit that the artwork here is quite fun. If you want to send a card that confuses the sexuality (or confirms some things you suspected) of your friends, here is the thing for you.

For more awesome stuff, visit the official Etsy store for Creepy Glowbug Concoctions as well as their Blog. Buy stuff! Enjoy the last of the summer. When you’re tanned and sore, come back inside for another Tuesday uEtsy.

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