Tuesday uEtsy: The Art of Chuck Hodi

Tuesday uEtsy

[For those who are searching for unique horror items, one can’t beat Etsy.com. Each Tuesday, Gravedigger’s Local 16 aims to highlight one seller. If you’re looking to spruce up your look, redecorate your sanctorum or get a gift for that special something in your life, Etsy.com is your place for spooky econo.]

The Art of Chuck Hodi


Print 5×7″ – Wolfman

The art of Chuck Hodi sticks with you long afer you stopped viewing th epiece, in similar fashion to car wrecks and most religious experiences. There’s something about this artwork that is both equal parts amazing and creepy that can’t be easily shaken.

A master of reproducing the famous monsters of filmland, Hodi has a great knack for producing some really sick original pieces. There’s something about the man’s sense of humor that might get him locked up someday. But, until then, let us enjoy his work.

Print 8×10″ – Vincent Price – Horror Vintage Halloween Gothic Spooky Creepy Hollywood Monster Creature

Throughout his etsy store, you’ll find pieces that feature some of the stage and screen’s stars (and scars) such as the maestro Price, pictured here. From Ted Bundy to Pee Wee Herman, Huch Hodi has someone waiting for you to be hung up on your wall.

The Androgynous Ant – Original Drawing

Some of his originals are pretty demented. We don’t toss that word around lightly. Seriously, there’s something rather bizarre about pieces like this one, the Adrogynous Ant. It might get you in trouble with the law or your significant other when you purchase this but maybe you’re that type of an outlaw mind. We dare you.

Print 8×10″ – Elvira – 80s

Sometimes, Hodi’s art style really prestens a subject in a light that is excellent. This picture of the 80’s horror host, Elvira, maintains the woman’s sexiness as well as the punk rock/new wave style that she exibitted when she first came out on the scene. It’s very wild, and Hodi’s paintbrush was able to catch that feeling.

Print 11×14″ – Edgar Allan Poe

Similarly, the business of Hodi’s lines with this portrait of Poe shows a disturbed and busy mind, caught up in a thought process that produced a collection of classic literature of the macabre. Of course, it could also just be how Poe is disappointed with Baltimore’s failing at the recent playoffs – either way.

Print 8×10″ – Couple

Valentine’s day is coming up. That’s all what we’re saying on that.


You can see all of Chuck Hodi’s paintings at his Etsy store. And you’ll see us again, next week, when we return with another edition of Tuesday uEtsy.

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