October 27, 2012 archive

Music to Haunt By: Grave Tone Productions

Grave Tone Productions Official Site Music To Be Buried By, B@Home Wreckordings 2011 Long time readers should remember how, in my review of Clouseaux’s (then) complete discography, I teased a horror-related side project of sorts at the end. Well, the wait is over and the cat’s out of the bag: I was referring to Grave …

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Guest Post: Having a Hi-Tech Halloween

[We are proud to present a guest post by Whitney Adams, staff writer for BBGeeks.com and AndGeeks.com.] Halloween is full of ghost stories, candy, costumes, and decorations. Some people celebrate Halloween by simply changing a light bulb to shine down on a bowl of candy, others go all out. There is no reason why you can’t …

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