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Fangoria’s Dreadtime Stories Volume 1

What's Bigfoot doing in a graveyard?

Readers of the 2012 Halloween countdown might remember how I briefly touched on Fangoria’s Dreadtime Stories last month in my most recent installment of “Fear For Your Ears.” Said series is the result of Fangoria teaming up with the man behind The Twilight Zone radio series in 2011. Featuring narration by Malcolm McDowell and music …

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6’+ Episode 44 Is Up!

To quote the description given at the new listing: “Let’s End November. It’s all downhill from here so there’s no reason not to throw up our arms and scream. We’ve got music from The Coffin Crawlers, The Parasites, Secular Plague, Tony Jones and the Cretin 3 and more. It’s the last stop before the holidays kick …

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Reel Evil

When would-be filmmakers Kennedy, Cory and James land a job shooting behind-the-scenes footage for a major motion picture, they think they’ve finally gotten the opportunity they need to fund their own project. But as all the bickering on the troubled set pushes them to explore the asylum the movie is being shot at, more and …

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The Scarifyers: The Devil of Denge Marsh

When the secret government organization MI13 sends Professor Dunning and Inspector Lionheart to investigate the mysterious death of a minister in Whitehall, they are soon led to the Denge Marsh of Kent, England. More strange things are afoot there, which leads to their confrontation with a cult that worships none other than Shub-Niggurath! Will they …

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Donovan’s Brain

Ghoul Mourning, Maniacs ! The fine folks at Gravedigger’s Local  have enlisted me to terrorize, I mean, entertain you as we look at Don Ho ‘s Brain. Wait a second, there’s a smudge of jam here on the screen … I meant Donovan ‘s Brain. (Note to self…no more jam filled donuts near the screen.) …

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Fangsgiving Feast

Although the obscure slasher Home Sweet Home took place on Turkey Day, the best known Thanksgiving-related horror movie was a little “gem” called Blood Freak. While the holiday doesn’t play a role in the plot, its focus on a turkey-headed monster guaranteed that the film would be forever associated with it. Thanks to deadenddrivein, you …

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6’+ Episode 43 is up!

To quote the description given at the new listing: “This is a weird one. This is what November does. Hear music by Monsterrat, Creepersin, The Suicide Notes, The Monterreys, Mike Trem, Mac Blackout and more. Monstermatt Patterson seems almost normal by this episode (which really isn’t that weird, but that it’s just got some strange music …

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The Chzo Mythos

Faithful readers of the site should be very familiar with the humorous work of Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw. However, what they might not realize is that he has also created a lot of serious, downright scary content. Despite the humorous tone, the story in that last link loosely ties into the subject of today’s article. While …

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Homemade Godzilla Costumes

I’ve occasionally heard people theorize that part of the appeal Japanese monster movies have is the fact that costumes are used, with fans wishing on a subconscious level that they could be one in the cool costume crushing all those little buildings (despite the fact that doing so is much less glamorous than one would …

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