The Pumpkin Dance

You might have already seen the famous video of a man in a pumpkin mask dancing to the theme from Ghostbusters. Perhaps you saw one of the remixes or parodies. If you have not and are wondering just what in the world I am talking about, here’s the infamous video courtesy of KXVO 10:00 News:

In any case, you probably know nothing else about the video other than how it’s downright hilarious. It’s the sort of inexpensive time filler local news shows can’t get enough of and has the perfect amount of seasonal weirdness. You simply won’t find this sort of thing on twenty four hour cable news networks, that’s for sure! But who is the mysterious pumpkin man and just why did a CW affiliate in Omaha, Nebraska unleash him upon the world? Know Your Meme and Studio 360 have the answers.

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  1. […] created an internet sensation with the original version of the Pumpkin Dance video, the people at KXVO knew they had to do a sequel. So let’s head over to the KXVO 10:00 […]

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